Freeware Bible for Windows 95/98/NT

Theophilos ver 2.50 - A Free King James Bible for your computer

Thophilos ver 2.51 update - This will update the above program to ver 2.51

Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary - A nice addon to the above program


or here is a new bible I found

Program author: Craig Richmond
32bit Windows software

Study bible has 12,000 topics, parables, prophecies,
maps, and book mark.
Also included are Nave's, Eastons, Matthew Henry Commentary
Torry's and Hitchcocks Bible names dictionary.
Customize features with the ability to change font, colors,
use Microsoft Word and logon to the Internet.

REQUIREMENTS: Minimum Requirements
Microsoft Windows 9.x
16MB Ram or more recommended
26MB hard disk space
SVGA Monitor set at 800x600 resolution
To install unzip to a temp directory.
i.e c:tempb
For Windows 9x click Start button and then RUN.
1. Type C:\tempb\Setup.exe
2. Click OK button.
3. Installation will begin.
Install to a new directory i.e. C:\BIBLEKJ
4. After install delete the temp directory to free up
disk space.

IMPORTANT: The Bible program will not display properly if you have the
screen resolution set
at 640 x 480.

To change the resolution from 640 X 480 to 800 x 600 16bit High color.
1) Right click on the Windows desk top and select properties.
2) Click on settings and under color palette select high color (16 bit ).
3) Change the font size to small fonts.
4) Under desktop area move the slider to 800 x 600 and click apply then ok.